The Lone bar

Everything was empty. In a once full bar, there was only loneliness, emptiness and silence. The working time has passed, and the barman was just standing and cleaning the glasses, as if they were used. He was thinking, remembering the times when the bar was full. The sounds, the voices, and the happy Irish music that fit the environment – everything was gone.
But what really happened to our barman? Was he just an illusion? A ghost of time that is not even real? No, he was real all right, but his mind was in illusion. He was in love with one of the regular guests of the bar.
But, what kind of love could make a man lonely after a day full of communication with hundreds of people. That was unrequited love. The barmen loved that girl, but she just didn’t know that he loved her. He expressed his love in different and discreet ways. He gave her glances and smiles, and was always kind. He vibrated love towards her, but she seemed like she didn’t care.
The Lone Bar
He lost hope, and continued cleaning the glasses. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door of the bar. He hoped that that was his dream girl and rushed towards to open the door. He opened the door, and in front of him was not his dream girl, but a girl who needed help. Her tire was flat and she wanted to use the phone to ask for help. He said it is not a problem, and that he can change her tire. He did that so he could stop thinking about unrequited love. While he was changing the tire, he started talking to that girl and they started discussing different things. As he finished, he invited her inside for a coffee if she wanted to talk some more. She agreed and went inside. They talked for 3 hours and then they came to the topic of unrequited love. They talked about their loves and talked, until they paused at the same time. They finally understood. It was destiny’s way of connecting them together. They got unrequited love so they could meet each other. And it was indeed destiny. They kissed and exchanged numbers.
Tomorrow was a new day for both of them. They cared about each other and sent text messages to each other. They worked their day and met after work. Every night was getting better and better for them. Finally, after 7 months, they got married and started planning a family. They understood destiny, and they used their disadvantage to find perfection. And indeed, they found it. 

Love pathway exercise

There is one exercise that can change your life for the better if you perform it regularly. It helps you achieve and understand love better. The exercise goes like this:
The best way to connect to the energy field and remove the obstacles to the awareness of love’s presence within one’s self is by doing the following powerful exercise I call Love’s Pathway:

1.) Close your eyes and breathe deeply 3 or 4 times, while saying the following to yourself: I am the full expression of God’s love. Just as God is love, so am I. I am love.

2.) Hold in mind an image of someone you love. This could be a family member, a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other. Then imagine yourself putting your arms around that person in a loving embrace while simultaneously saying “I love you” in your mind. Hold on to this feeling of love, allowing it to spread throughout your entire being.

3.) While holding on to this feeling of love, silently say to yourself, “I feel love.” After a few moments mentally say, “I feel God.” Then finally in your mind say “Thank you“, allowing the feeling of gratitude and appreciation to wash over you.

4.) Remain in this state of being love for a few minutes, imagining the love in you radiating outward in an egg shaped sphere of vibratory energy that flows out onto all people, encompassing the world and the universe.

You may repeat the process, holding in mind the image of another loved one in the next cycle. You can do, as I do – and practice several cycles, going through every member of your family in succession. Or you can choose to do just one cycle – holding in mind thoughts of the person who naturally and strongly causes strong feelings of love to be generated within you.

The profound effect of the above exercise cannot be emphasized enough. It may seem disarmingly simple, but it awakens in you feelings you didn’t know you had. You’ll learn the secrets of your heart, and the extent to which you can love another human being, and truly love yourself. It will also magnify the love you already have for those you love and create a deeper bond between you and them.

You can find the exercise here
This exercise is an excerpt from the book “Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World” by Carnelian Sage. If you want to learn more about this book, do visit

Subjective communication

There is a form of mental influence called subjective communication. This method was used from ancient times and can be used for various purposes (not for evil ones though). The system for subjective communication requires a win-win situation, and the evil purposes aren’t that.
First thing is programming your mind before sleep. You can say: “I want to connect to _____ when our minds are mostly in alignment. When that happens, I am going to wake up and remember why I woke up.”
What happens during the night is that you will wake up at a certain time. Then you just sit up in the bed so you don’t fall asleep again. You can say: “I want to connect to the person _____”. When you say that, close your eyes and imagine talking to that person. When you talk in your mind, it is important to tell to that person, who you are, what you want from them and what will they get in return if they help you. The most important thing is not to use commanding voice or to criticize. That will break the message. Just explain everything nicely.
Mind communication
When you finish the conversation, say: “Thank you” to that person and go back to sleep. See the changes in behavior of that person towards you in the coming days. This technique can be used to connect to group of people too, just use the phrase: “I want to connect to the group that is related to _____. When most minds are in alignment with me, I am going to wake up and remember why I woke up.”
That’s it. Try the technique and post the results. Today you win.

Regular pendulum

There is a certain tool that can help you with connecting to your subconscious mind. It is debatable how effective it is, but in general, it is effective as much as you want it to be.
First, you will need a pendulum. Any kind of pendulum will do: a professional one or an improvised one.

Custom professional pendulum

Now, let us make something clear: The pendulum is not moved by some magical force as many people may think, but by ideo-motor response of our body. The movement of pendulum is caused by micro-movements of our hand, in response to the subconscious stimuli. In simple language, it responds with swinging in the programmed direction.
Then, let’s set up the controls for the pendulum movement. First, you will need a piece of paper, on which you will draw a circle and a cross in it, that cuts the circle’s edges in the middle sections.

Up-Down = Yes
Left-Right = No
Good. Now, swing your pendulum up and down, above the line and say out loud: “This means YES.” After that, swing it sideways, above the other line and say: “This means NO.” Now swing it diagonally and say: “This means I don’t know”.
After that, say aloud: “Show me YES” and wait for the pendulum to start swinging up-down. When that happens, tell it to stop. Don’t forget that you are not talking to some mystical force, but to yourself. Your subconscious response is moving the pendulum. Then, say: “Show me NO” and wait for it to move left-right. That’s it. You have programmed the pendulum.

Now, time to ask it some questions like “Is my name X (true)” or “Is my name Y (false)” and wait for the response. The more you use it, the better you will become with it and you will find out that it can do more things than just answer questions. Have fun and become better today, because Today You Win!

The secret – Law of attraction

This is a very popular term that is used more and more widely in the world. But, what is really the Law of attraction? For starters, we can say what it is not.
Law of attraction is not some magic bullet as some people consider it to be. Law of attraction is a vibrational match of your emotions and subconscious programming. To be clear, not everything is Law of attraction. Most things are the result of our own choices. Law of attraction just creates opportunities for us to achieve something we wish or desire. The opportunities always appear, but you need a keen eye to spot them. Spotting opportunities is a skill, just like everything in life, and needs to be trained. There is no magic bullet and instant solution. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. You have to do something so you can get something.
Life is a meadow of endless opportunities.
You just need to find them.
Now, you may not like what you read here, but that is the truth. In life, there is no free lunch or something for nothing. But, there is always an opportunity for you to enjoy lavishly in every moment of your life, and you just need to learn to accept the situation as it is, and go towards changing it for the better. You are a perfect human being capable of changing destiny. Use the power of change that has been given to you as your birthright. Change the world by your thoughts and certainty that you can change everything. Just know that you can change everything, believe, start working towards your goal (even with baby steps) and achieve it when the situation aligns to your advantage. Trust in yourself, trust in your skills, just do it and win! Today you win!

Aura cleaning technique

This is a useful technique for maintaining cleanliness of your aura. The technique is very simple and doesn’t require much explanation. It has 3 steps:

1. Relax

Lie or sit down comfortably and relax your body. There are a lot of relaxation techniques out there, so you could use them easily.

2. Imagine white light

Allow white light to engulf your body and to cleanse any impurities. Imagine that it is intensive and strong and that it passes through you. Do this visualization for about 1-2 minutes or until you feel it is enough.

Illustration of clear white light

3. Lighten up your chakras

Continue with white light, but let it focus on your seven chakras, starting with the crown. As you clean every chakra individually, imagine that it becomes a little sun when it is clean. When you clean the root chakra and turn it into a little sun, you have finished the exercise.

The alignment of 7 chakras

This technique is recommended to be done twice a day, once when you wake up and once before you go to bed. Try this today and win everyday. Today You Win!


Helping others with Ho’oponopono

There is a simple technique called Ho’oponopono that can help you remove your limiting beliefs and negative feelings, but can also give you the ability to help others achieve the same things.
The first thing you have to do is to take responsibility. Whether you need to take responsibility for your or somebody else’s shortcomings, you have to do it. By taking responsibility, you set your mind in the state of thinking that the current situation can be changed.
When you do that, try to feel the problem. Focus on it, and find its sensory representation. Someone feels it as uneasiness in the body, someone sees it as a black hole, or a negative funnel, or someone might just hear voices saying negative things. You will see the problem getting smaller as you effectively do the Ho’oponopono technique.
As for the technique, just say the following four mantras, and say as you mean them, and you will feel better.
1. I am sorry
2. Please forgive me
3. I love you
4. Thank you
When you say them, just repeat them over and over, until you feel your problem is alleviated.
Spread the love and understanding through helping others
The same method goes for the others. Take responsibility for their problem or negativity, and say the mantra until you feel that you have cleared that person.
This is a useful and effective technique, so try it, and if you have some amazing results, be free to share them with us. Help yourself and others, because Today you win!

Flying plastic bag

It was the summer of 2012. I decided to take a walk with a friend. I phoned him to come and pick me up, so we went on a long walk to nature.
The day was sunny, yet extremely windy, but we didn’t pay any attention to that. Even if it was snowing in the middle of the summer, that wouldn’t stop us, as we are kind of nature people. I prepared one plastic bottle filled with water, and put it in a recyclable plastic shopping bag. We went on our journey. After about 300 feet of walking, the plastic bag snapped, leaving my friend holding a broken bag, and the bottle of water in each hand. It was a bigger bottle, so he said that it was going to be troublesome to carry that water with him for a long time. I said to him not to worry, because I will find a bag on our way. It was time to continue walking.
As the wind rushed, I felt the wind’s breath, freeing my soul and combining my spirit with the wind. In my mind’s eye, I saw the wind bringing me a new plastic bag. As we made about 10 more steps, the wind started blowing stronger, and over the roof of one of the local houses, a plastic bag rises in the air. My friend watched the bag high in the sky, and I told him to watch this. I concentrated on that bag and imagined it in my hand. As I thought about that, the bag came near the ground, and was about 35 feet in front of us. The wind blew and the bag came straight at me, and all I had to do was to raise my hand and grab it. As I grabbed it, I passed it to my friend and told him: “I told you that I will get it.” His mouth was open in awe for a few moments, and after that he started jumping and screaming: “Oh my god, how did you do that? I am going to tell this to everyone, oh my god!” I told him to calm down and to continue walking, because miracles happen every day.
The bag looked something like this

As for this miracle, the only thing I had to do was to reach out and to grab what I needed. The universe did the rest. What are the things that are available to you, but only wait for you to grab them? Think about that and seize the day, because Today You Win!

Napoleon Hill’s steps to riches

What if there was a formula that could work for you, so you could manifest any goal you want? What if that formula was set up in 1937 and had worked for thousands of people? Would you be willing to try it out, or to follow it through? You will have the answer to that question after reading this text.
Napoleon Hill was an American writer that had an amazing job. His employment was with a billionaire Andrew Carnegie, who gave Hill a task to travel the country and to meet and interview all the successful and rich people, so he could find the pattern of success. That pattern was then supposed to be analyzed, simplified and presented to the masses, so that everyone would have a chance to become rich or successful, if he or she really wanted to.
He dedicated his entire life to human self-improvement
So, let us get to the concrete steps.
  1. First step is to define a sum (item, feeling or experience) that you are aiming to get. It has to be measurable.
  2. Define what you will give in return. As much as it seems nice, there is no free lunch, and the same rule is applied to manifestation. You have to give energy, so you can receive it in some other form. Write it down.
  3. Set up a final date, by which you will complete your goal. Psychological pressure of deadline makes people more productive and dedicated, so it is important.
  4. Write on a piece of paper the following statement: How much money or what you want to get, by when, and what do you plan to give in return.
  5. Read that statement at least twice daily. The best times are in the morning after you wake up, and in the evening, before you go to sleep. As you read the statement, feel as you already have achieved your goal.

That’s it. This has been tried out throughout the years. Now, it is your turn to try this and succeed, because you are a winner. Today youwin :)

Turning problems into inspiration

There is one simple technique for turning your negative expectations and feelings to positive. It requires pen, paper and about 15 minutes of your time.
First, you have to define what is the problem or the lack that you want to change to positive.
After that, draw a line vertically to split the paper in half, and then write a list of few problems, one under another on a piece of paper. Example would be:
I need more money –                                        |
I sometimes feel bad because I overeat –          |
I feel guilty for procrastinating –                         |
Write as much as you feel like. If you start feeling uncomfortable, stop writing problems, and go to the next step.
The conversion of one energy form to another,
happens with willful action.

Now, write the opposites of your current problems, on the right side of the page. Example would be:
I need more money –                                        | I have a lot of money.
I sometimes feel bad because I overeat –          | I feel good because my diet is proper for me.
I feel guilty for procrastinating –                         | I feel good because I do my tasks on time.
After you do that, you can tear up the left page with the problems and lacks and destroy it in any way you want. You can symbolically burn it, crumple it and throw it to the trash, or tear it to little pieces and flush it down the toilet. While you do this, mentally say: “I am free from these problems”. After that, feel good for freeing yourself from these problems, and just continue with your daily activities. As for the right side of the paper, you can keep it as a good luck charm and a reminder that you became a bit better person that day. That day you won, and you will win everyday. Today you win!